Supporting You Towards Positive Change for a Better Life

Welcome to Renew the Mind, the personal counselling practice of Alison Raeburn. I give caring and compassionate counselling to adults. I offer the choice of online sessions or face to face in my peaceful therapy room in the serene rural village of Highnam, just outside Gloucester.  

Do you feel overwhelmed with worry or sadness or perhaps you struggle to sleep? Maybe you keep arguing with loved ones or feel you are not good enough? Whatever your reason for seeking counselling I am here for you.

I can help you to move forward from your current troubles and take more control of your life.

The ultimate goal is that your changes are long-lasting. This will mean that you feel emotionally lighter and you can more easily cope when difficult situations come your way.    

I understand that starting counselling can be daunting and it will take courage to share personal aspects of your life with me. I will help you to feel at ease and be with you every step of the way.

We will take sessions at a pace set by you and together we will talk about your feelings and concerns. I will support you towards making changes so that you can start living the life that you want.

Find out more below or arrange your free initial discussion which can be face to face, online or over the phone to suit you.

Until I started counselling with Alison I didn’t realise how much trauma and loss I was carrying

Thank you for providing me with the space I needed and for all your support

I feel so much stronger now and ready to deal with whatever life throws at me

The work we have done together has made such a difference to my daily life