What to Expect from Counselling

I offer a free initial discussion where we will have an opportunity to share information. You will be able to explain why you have sought counselling as well as discuss your hopes and goals. It also gives you an opportunity to get to know me, to decide whether I am the right counsellor for you. I believe that establishing a strong relationship between the counsellor and client is essential to the overall therapeutic process. There is no obligation to proceed beyond this initial discussion unless you choose to continue.

You can arrange a free initial appointment through my online booking system or if you prefer you can contact me directly. For your initial session I offer telephone, a secure online video call or meeting face to face at my private counselling room in Highnam.

After our initial discussion your regular counselling will be through one to one sessions either in person or online lasting around 50 minutes. We will aim to meet every week at the same day and time which will help maintain continuity throughout your counselling. However I understand this is not always possible and I am happy to work with a more flexible approach to suit you. You will also have the option to access a personalised online portal if you would like to. Here you can manage your appointments, make changes or cancel an appointment if necessary. 

During your therapy we will explore the feelings and behaviours you are experiencing and work together to identify steps for positive change. We will regularly review your progress and any changing needs.

The duration of your therapy will vary depending on your goals and the challenges you are trying to overcome. We will agree together how long your counselling should last and I will support you in deciding when you no longer need my support.